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Public Awareness – Consumption of Iodized Salt

Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is a major nutritional problem in Pakistan, affecting up to 2 billion people worldwide. The disorders arising from the deficiency of Iodine in the body range from cretinism, goiter to mild mental and physical retardation.

NFL launched Iodized Salt as a company initiative in line with its Corporate Philosophy of nutritious and healthy foods. NFL is not only a brand leader in this category but as a socially responsible company, it has successfully created 61.6% public awareness regarding the benefits of consuming and maintaining adequate Iodine levels for a healthy body and mind.

Aman Ghar

Aman Ghar

In line with providing optimal nourishment to children, NFL and Aman Foundation collaborated through the platform of Aman Ghar. Though the Aman Ghar program, NFL provides hygienically prepared meals, completely free of cost on an every-day basis to the school-going children present in Khuda ki Basti – an economically challenged suburb of Karachi. This initiative aims to promote optimal mental and physical development, while simultaneously motivating them to attend school. NFL supports this program by contributing in the preparation of 3500 meals every day through donating in kind.

NFL Goody Bags is another recent initiative, whereby NFL distributes a delightful mix of different NFL products to the children, such as Fruitily, Vermicelli, Custard, and Jelly before the on-set of their vacations and Ramadan. These children belonging to different schools do not only enjoy their vacations with National’s products but also look forward to rejoining school.

Number of school meals given since 2008 is 3,582,860.

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Last updated on: September, 2019