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Education & Literacy

School of Britainnica

NFL has collaborated with School of Britainnica, to support and endorse quality education for children hailing from economically unstable backgrounds through sponsoring their school copies and notebooks – completely free of cost.


Aasmoon Lootfun Primary Girls School Ceremony

Aasmoon Lootfun Primary Girls School (ALPGS) is a collaborative effort of NFL and its International Distributor. The school is located in Islamia Colony, Kati Pahari, Karachi, where the majority of the population is Pakhtoon and unfortunately the concept of female literacy is relatively distinct. Even under such conditions, the strength of students in ALPGS is more in number than any other schools present in that area, with a gradual increase each year. Quality education along with different interactive extracurricular activities and programs offered at ALPGS is the primary reason why the children look forward to coming to school every day even in the face of growing challenges.

Aagahi Adult Literacy Program

Aagahi Adult Literacy Program (ALP)

With our prime focus on women empowerment and education, Aagahi Adult Literacy Program was launched in 2005 in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to increase female literacy and impart basic education to women in our community irrespective of their age, caste or background. With over 38,000 women made literate through this program, NFL recently celebrated almost a decade of collaboration with its partners, The Citizens Foundation, Literate Pakistan Foundation and Shield Corporation, who have together worked hand in hand to positively impact the lives of women across more than 40 cities nation-wide. We aim to further expand our reach, based on the increasing number of centers and students with each passing year.

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