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Congratulations! You have just taken the first step on the way to what could become an exciting career at National Foods Ltd. We hope you will succeed. We are a people company. Our people are our greatest strength, and nothing can be achieved without their commitment and energy. At National Foods Ltd., your opinion counts.

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Our Hiring Process

Step 1
Resume/CV Submission

It all starts with you. Once we receive your resume/CV, a notification will be sent to those involved in the hiring process and your resume/CV will be entered into our resume database for potential matches. We encourage you to return regularly to check for positions that may interest you.

Step 2
Resume/CV Review

Those involved in the hiring process review resumes/CVs to identify the candidates whose skills, education and experience meet the requirements of the open position.

Step 3
Candidate Evaluation

Some candidates for the position may be invited for a phone screening, an interview, a test or all of these methods to further evaluate their knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the open position.

Step 4
Selection Decision

Our managers work hard to identify a candidate who is qualified for the position and offer that person the job.

If you are not selected for a particular position, please do not be discouraged. New jobs open frequently and your qualifications may well make you the ideal candidate for another position.

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Last updated on: February, 2018