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Vision Statement

To be a Rs. 50 billion food company by the year 2020 in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic and international markets that enhance lifestyle and create value for our customers through management excellence at all levels.

CEO’s Message

The year 2015-16 has been a tough year for NFL, strewn with challenging decisions that have paved the way for growth leading to excellent opportunities for the future. The greatest challenge has been in the area of revamping some of our key distributors in both domestic and international markets. As a result, sales achievements were slightly depressed for some time with growth targets not being delivered; mainly due to distributors own limitations. This hard decision to change the distributors has resulted in a temporary supply gap which resulted in the company not meeting its intended budgeted sales targets for the outgoing year. This had become necessary and the change now is expected to realign the potential with the structures thus created. The positive results have already started to come in. Despite this realignment, the company still delivered an excellent revenue growth for the outgoing year. Sustaining high growth on a year on year basis has resulted in our capacities of various production centers stretched and exhausted on an annual basis. To tackle the increased demand, and in line with our growth plans, a separate plant was inaugurated solely for pickle. This new plant at Nooriabad has three sections: one for pickles, one for salt and the third will act as a centralized warehouse. Similarly, Bhalwal was also launched with the intention of catering to an enhanced product portfolio. With these new plants, comprehensive logistics and supply chain overview has resulted in new arrangements and alignments to drive greater value addition. Existing plants and their performance was augmented in terms of space and processes. An independent export facility was launched at Port Qasim to cater to increasing demand and the need to maintain timely production, for our businesses overseas.

In our quest to implement global best practices, we launched the SAP SUCCESS FACTORS (SF) solutions in order to not only simplify HR management platform but also to aid growth plans through a more robust and integrated performance and support constant technological innovation of processes. With cloud solutions from SAP SF, we expect to drive multifold bene¬fits in de¬fining an agile process with a focus on driving growth and cost optimization across the business. Efforts to improve operational efficiency were further complemented when an automated work flow system was introduced company-wide which assisted in reducing paper and time when processing any business application or employee related facility such as reimbursements, management leaves, or vehicle requests. While improvements were continuously made on ground to expedite growth and productivity, similar efforts were made to improve the corporate image of the company. The digital face of National Foods was revamped by introducing a new corporate website, with improved accessibility, speed, content and layout, thus serving as a worthy ambassador of the ever evolving National Foods on the cyber space. We have always believed that product innovation is the lifeblood of our business. We invent brands and products that create and transform lifestyles, and build consumer trial and lead to value creation in those categories for years — often for decades. With rigorous efforts in activating our social media channels we have positively driven our category market growth, creating sustainable image enhancements for our retail customers. When it comes to giving back to the society, National Foods leaves no stone unturned. This time around, we engaged in community development by providing underprivileged children an opportunity to play football by donating 100 footballs to Karachi Kickers Club. Clothes drives were conducted in old age homes and Indus Hospital to share the festivities of Eid with the old and the forgotten.

This year we would like to dedicate the year’s success of the company solely to the people of National Foods, who have spent their time, effort and energy in bringing this company amongst the top ranked companies of Pakistan and hence closer to achieving our Vision 20/20. We are hopeful and determined to scale newer heights with greater vigor and zest.

CODE of Business Principles

NFL believes in conducting its operations with strong ethical and moral standards. NFLs statement of code of conduct & business practices aims to provide guidance on carrying out its business related decisions and activities. We wish to achieve excellence in all spheres of our operations for which code of conduct form the basis. Any party entering any form of contract with NFL is bound to comply with the given guidelines. NFLs statement of code of conduct & business practices has the following seven guidelines:

1. Unfair Means:

Any use of bribery, kickbacks or any form of payment in cash/kind to obtain business related or personal benefits in the name of the company is strictly prohibited. Welcoming extravagant business gifts/entertainment is similarly frowned upon and will result in serious consequences.

2. Respect and Integrity:

NFL believes in giving respect to individuals. We aim to operate in a manner that discourages discrimination, harassment or any prejudices. Discrimination is treating, or proposing to treat, someone unfavorably because of a personal characteristic protected by law. Harassment on the other hand is considered as an unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex national origin, age, disability or genetic information. NFL takes strict action against any such offensive conduct and ensures that each employee treats each other the way they want to be treated. NFL gives respect and integrity its utmost importance as this is beneficial in a business environment where trustworthy actions set the foundation for successful business relationships.

3. Conflict of Interest:

NFL prohibits actions that are in conflict with the company business interests. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Providing assistance with a competitor or holding ownership interests in a customer, supplier, or distributor based in a competitor company.
  • Receiving personal gains at company expense.

4. Confidentiality:

NFL believes in confidentiality of information related to company business activities. The company expects employees not to disclose or divulge by any means the confidential and commercially sensitive information except to the authoritative personnel requiring it. Furthermore, they should use their best endeavors to prevent the disclosure of such information by other people. The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the expiration or the cessation of contacts with National Foods Limited and is equally applicable to intellectual property.

5. Statutory Compliance:

NFL believes in providing total support and cooperation to all the governmental and regulatory bodies irrespective of the extent of prevalent enforcement.

6. Financial Integrity:

NFL believes in complete compliance with the accepted accounting rules and procedures. This includes but is not limited to:


NFL discourages any illegal activity for the purpose of any benefit to the company or others. All information supplied to the stake holders and/or auditors must be authentic & transparent.


All transactions must be fully disclosed and must be for the purpose stated for.

7. Health, Safety and Community Responsibility:

NFL is fully committed to safety, health and responsibility towards environment and community. All activities of NFL must portray responsibility towards the community and nation as a whole. NFL seeks to employ procedures that are safe, healthy and environment friendly and also promotes engagement in “sustainable” and eco-friendly causes.

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